The last one for today; Frozen

Everything that has to do with Frozen. I like Frozen. Not everything’s finished yet!!!!

Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them, Uni uni uni corns, I looooove them

Yup..everything cute is in this post. Unicorns, bunnies, cupcakes, rainbows, everything that has big, shiny eyes and poops glitter. I still don’t know how to write descriptions. Some things aren’t finished yet!

I love cats, I love every kind of cat, I just want to hug all of them, but I can’t, you can’t hug every cat.

Who knows that song? Is it just me? Hm…

Here’s all the art with cats. Somehow it’s a LOT. All the Nyan cats and longcats are added to it as well. Le Chat Noir from Paris and all other cats.

I am a lazy, unresponsible person

I am a lazy, unresponsible person. Not really. That’s just what Internet thinks I am, since I never upload any pictures of my crafts.

So…let’s do that. I’ll start using some older pictures…since those are actually finished. Let’s start with everything water/mermaid themed.

I haven’t figured out hów to make a description in this. So for now on, just click on the image and look at it. Some things I’m proud of (the watercolour plesiosaur) and others not so much (the mermaid pebbles…) but since I can’t make a description…well..just make it up for yourself.

My first real post…

Okay..I’m a little embarrassed… I’ve had this blog, paid for it, etc. for over..two years? Or one year? And I haven’t done ANYTHING with it yet.
Luckily, I HAVE done a lot of creative things (and school) which is the reason I didn’t do anything with the blog…but most of the creations turned out awesome!
I’m not going to upload pictures yet…not yet..I have to search for a few and decide if I will post new ones..old ones..those kind of things.
But I can tell you about the things..and you can see the pictures later :)

Okay first..I’ve made A LOT of cupcake-decorations.
They arent eatable, they are printed pictures, covered in book-foil on a stick. But some are extremely awesome. Insect-themed, with huge spiders. Rainbow/unicorns-themed. And Pon-pon-pon-themed.
(If you dont know what Ponponpon is, do not google it when your computer isn’t on ‘Safe’- mode. My computer added extra r’s in between and the pictures showed a whole different Japanese girl..)
Anyway, the decorations are brightly-colored-eyeballs (watch the video if you don’t understand, it’s the song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) and bows, unicorns, Kyary singing/jumping around.
Aaaand..I am temporarily ‘obsessed’ with Venus/Aphrodite. Maily because of Lady gaga’s song about her, but also because she’s partly mermaid and I like mermaids.
So I’m planning on using my Aphrodite-decorations (because I made Aphrodite-cupcake-decorations!) with my cookie-or-chocolate-moulds that are shaped like shells.
So the shell, that is behind/underneath her in the painting ‘Birth of Venus’ will be represented as a cookie!
I hope it will be as awesome as it looks in my head..

And I made a huge collection of shells that I painted blue and decorated with glitter. Glitter is everywhere now, when my grandma visited me she was covered in glitter afterwards, but it looks awesome!
Thats it for now! Bye!

Hi, and welcome

Hello everyone. Test-post.